Beyond Limits Broadcast – Pastor Wale Olulana 

Start By Planning 

Continuing from the last edition, we consider the importance of planning as we start our small steps to achieve giant outcomes. Thoughts alone do not get things done. Your thoughts must be processed into a plan; a plan must be documented and put into action (Proverbs 23:7).

God will not do for you what you are meant to do for yourself. When David was going to bring down Goliath, even though he fought in the name of the Lord, he had a plan and strategy for victory. There is nothing that God has asked you to do, that He has not already given you the ability for.

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Real Victories

The first thing that I noticed in HCC was the transparency of the people, not just the pastors. We met a people who had real stories, real encounters and real victories. We were allowed to settle in and find answers in God at our own pace.

Ambitious, Very friendly People

I met young people like myself who are ambitious, very friendly, good company and above all, love Jesus. I wanted what they had and I got it right away! From then on, life has taken on better meaning for me and no more rows with my folks at home.

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