Beyond Limits Broadcast – Pastor Wale Olulana 

The Significance and Limitations Of Angels

The ministry of angels is central to our Christian walk and the Bible is full of references on their significance. No matter how terrifying the “unseen enemy of COVID 19” appears, it is comforting to know that God placed unseen helpers around us.

An angel is a messenger that carries out the errands of a superior being. Angels of God ascend to the Father with our prayers and descend with answers.

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Real Victories

The first thing that I noticed in HCC was the transparency of the people, not just the pastors. We met a people who had real stories, real encounters and real victories. We were allowed to settle in and find answers in God at our own pace.

Ambitious, Very friendly People

I met young people like myself who are ambitious, very friendly, good company and above all, love Jesus. I wanted what they had and I got it right away! From then on, life has taken on better meaning for me and no more rows with my folks at home.

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