Beyond Limits – Pastor Wale Olulana 

Devil You Messed with The Wrong Person

Everyone is afraid of something. Most of the times, we think about negative fear. There is healthy & unhealthy fear. A healthy fear is like a vitamin tablet designed to boost our immune system and vaccinate us against the evil seed of the enemy.

Healthy fear is a natural human emotion, designed by God to protect us. For example, the fear of being burnt prevents us from running into a burning bush. Fear of Coronavirus, keeps us from shaking people’s hands, hanging around crowded places. Sometimes our fear is based on unfounded thoughts. We get paralysed for fear: Fear of losing your job; Fear of being rejected; Fear of never fulfilling your dreams.

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Real Victories

The first thing that I noticed in HCC was the transparency of the people, not just the pastors. We met a people who had real stories, real encounters and real victories. We were allowed to settle in and find answers in God at our own pace.

Ambitious, Very friendly People

I met young people like myself who are ambitious, very friendly, good company and above all, love Jesus. I wanted what they had and I got it right away! From then on, life has taken on better meaning for me and no more rows with my folks at home.

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