Do you remember the ROCKY Movies? The rags to riches American Dream story of Rocky Balboa who lived in Philadelphia. He was an uneducated Italian American boxer who also worked part time as a debt collector in the slums of Philadelphia – while working on himself to make it big. Rocky, a small-time club fighter, gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship against Apollo Creed (the undisputed heavyweight champion).

In their first fight, nobody gave Rocky a chance to go beyond third round, but he dogged in. The fight was tough and bloody. By the ninth round, when Rocky’s eyes were swollen and the other guy was hardly any better, his team were telling him to stay down. Rocky said No! He was resolved to see the fight to the end.

There are several things in Rocky’s story that resonates with the secrets of biblical champions.

Everyone has greatness within them! This is true of your dreams, of your purpose and of your plans. We know that not everyone starts at the same stage, some may have a head start.  But you must believe that your time and chance will come; on that day will you be ready?!

The day David killed Goliath, he did not wake up saying so, but he lived everyday training himself and serving like a champion. During your season of championship, there may be a period of seeming insignificance. ‘To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven’ Eccl 3:1. Lack of public significance of the champion should not be taken as lack of purpose significance. It is the stage of lonely walk. This is when the Champion develops internal resolute, draws on the grace within and communicates more to the voice on the inside long before the praise begins on the outside.

This is one of the things the story of Rocky will show you, that unless you believe in you, the world will not get to hear from you.

A crucial secret of any champion, is the ability to self-motivate, dedicate, and sustain daily habits of discipline. Remember, who you are and what awaits you.  Do not let the storm on the outside, overwhelm you on the inside. There is glory ahead.

Every champion must believe that they are more than this. As a believer, I am more than this. I cannot be sleeping lying on the bed when I am not sick. I cannot offer my God that which costs me nothing. He saved me and kept me alive for a reason and I will not frustrate that grace.

This brings me to one of the most important secrets of the champion – the power of speech. As a champion your mouth must connect with your heart belief. Even though you may have moments of fearful incidences, God says, this must be overcome by opening your mouth wide and speaking what God said about your situation, not amplifying what the devil is highlighting (Ps 81:10). There is power in your tongue. Whatever you call the gift of God in your life is what it will become. The words you speak are powerful and they can frame your destiny.

Jesus is the greatest champion. When he returned after forty days of fasting and being tempted by Satan, He went into the synagogue opened the book to where it was written concerning him. He declared them and they were fulfilled. Speaking God’s promises about your life is not pride.

Speech is powerful! It is not safe to be silent. Silence is the pathway to defeat and depression. Silence in the face of a destiny attack can lead to destruction. We are in a warfare, and your utterance can declare victory. When you are silent, you become weak inside (Ps 32:3). Paul and Silas knew better. They were held in prison, but at the darkest hour, they spoke out. They sang praises and the prison could not contain them anymore. The prison gates flung open, and the bands broke off their feet (Acts 16:25).

The greatest opposition to your utterance is your circumstance. It wages war against what you say. Those who regard their circumstances will never say what they desire. If you remain quiet Satan keeps an upper hand on the matter. Speak with boldness – I can do all things through Christ (Phil 4:13).

I pray that you will Arise and shine for the light is come – You are a champion!